Curwensville Presbyterian Church

  430 Locust Street ** Curwensville, Pennsylvania  16833 ** (814) 236-1060 ** 

AGF: Open 24-7                     Show God's gift of grace to others!

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YOU are a vital part of the NEW Beginnings - 2016

.. the journey GLORY continues!

Come join in worship - Communion served each first Sunday of the month.   Plan now to Glorify God by worshiping together with fellow believers!  

ALL are welcome!!


Have questions, or concerns?  E-mail the church office:

For more Preaching CLICK on the Sermons link along the left side of the page.

The Ruling Elders -2015 of our church are:

CLERK: Janice Litz,   Louie Rauch (retiring), Virginia Spencer (retiring),  Priscilla Barrett, Edith Sease, Pete Vandewater  In 2016 ADD new ruling Elders:   Margie Yescavage, Barbara Vandewater, and Dennis Shanafelt

Any church member is welcome to attend a meeting of the Session at one of the regular meetings. Come learn what the Elders are doing to follow God's will to His glory.